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About us

Life in this century is so fast,the world has become very small. With all the modern technology available, it is easy to forget that a picture or a video does not compare with the actual experience of being there yourself.

Mundo Thailand Tours would like to present you wonderful trips in the north and around Thailand with our professional staff who have great knowledge and experience in tourism for many years. You will learn more about impressive traditions, customs ,festivals, beliefs, art, architecture and life style of local people in different ways.

Travel to somewhere with someone who has experience will make your visit wonderful. Let us fulfill your need and make your travel memorable.

The founder

The founder Apichit mundo thailand tours

Apichit is a Thai gentle,friendly and kind man who gains great knowledge in peaceful world as forest monk and present world as lay man, teacher,solder,farmer,garbage seller,credit loan staff and masseur.

He also has been English and Spanish speaking tour guide more than 10 years for big travel agents in Thailand. Now he runs his own business to give his clients best service and give them right information about his country.

As he grew up in country side and studied in city, he knew and understood well cultures and traditions of local Thais. He would like to share his such great experiences to visitors who come to Thailand.

Our staff

Apichit (Kid)
(English & Spanish)

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